Airport Scada Solutions

Airport Scada Solutions

BIWIS Systems

Trihedral’s Baggage Image Weight Identification System (BIWIS) is used by US Customs and Border Protection (USCBP) officials at pre-clearance facilities at foreign airports to help make informed decisions about airline passengers entering the United States.

The system includes direct high-speed interfaces to security cameras and weight scales that collect baggage information of passengers traveling through the airport on their way to US destinations. It displays summarized information for US agents at primary inspection points to help them determine which passengers are candidates for secondary inspections.

Air Traffic Control SCADA Systems

This nationwide Air Traffic Control Instrumentation monitoring and control application for NAVCanada includes:

  • Six regional VTScada applications located at Vancouver, Winnipeg, Toronto, Montreal, Moncton, and Gander.
  • A technical training application in Kingston.
  • A centralized configuration admin application at the Ottawa Tech center.
  • A centralized data collections and storage application, located at NAVCanada’s National office.
  • Regional Operations Center.
  • The regional systems interface with Staticraft ILS and runway lighting systems, radar systems, UPS and genset controllers, Monco runway glidepath and guidance systems, and Marconi VOR systems. These regional interfaces are primarily used for health and alarm management rather than control. In addition to displaying system alarms, alarms are disseminated via NAV Canada’s internal paging system.

Baggage Handling System Management