Gas Turbine Scada


TMOS SCADA – Advanced Turbine Monitoring System by ITS

The human machine interface (HMI) solution specifically designed for the mission critical Power Generation Industry

TMOS, which stands for Turbine MOnitoring System, is the origin of TMOS SCADA. TMOS was introduced initially as an operator interface, engineering workstation and data logging for the Power Generation Industry to interface with the turbine control systems. It also provides diagnostic and analytical tools for the power generation processes. With its unmatched performance, high reliability and ease of functionality, TMOS has proved to be more popular than the original operator interface supplied by the OEM of the turbine.

Besides having the robustness and reliability, it also poses the feature of Supervisory, Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system, making it extremely flexible and versatile, for a wide range of applications.

Ever since TMOS has been on the market, the design team never stops developing and adding improvements, new interfacing possibilities and new advanced features. Today, TMOS is a feature-packed, user friendly, robust and multi-connective system. Thanks to its flexibility and scalability, TMOS has been renamed as TMOS SCADA to better reflect its true capability.

Modernization, retrofit or replacement for your existing IDOS and HMI, serving Mark IV and Mark V systems

Aging, obsolete equipment increases the risk of system failure, potentially leaving turbine operators unable to run or monitor their units. HMI upgrades are a very cost effective solution for this particular problem.

The economically rational solution prepared for the future – TMOS SCADA

TMOS SCADA provides innovative solutions to the system architecture and communication limitations imposed by the original systems. The graphical interface that retains the features of the original operator interface product while adding powerful new capabilities and features.

General Characteristics

  • Universally applicable
  • Simple and effective operation
  • Less re-training effort and coherent documentation
  • Uncomplicated and almost completely automatic software updates
  • Short installation and integration times
  • No alteration of controls or network is required
  • Complete remote maintenance is possible
  • Computers supplied are of high quality, reliability, and performance from leading computer manufacturers
  • Widely used operating system (Latest Microsoft Windows) with simple network capabilities
  • Constant development and improvement of the software increases product reliability
  • Short period for realization of customer’s request
  • Can also be used as a gateway between other control systems and General Electric controls
  • Sold as a complete package, all functions are immediately available for use
  • Favourably priced with no hidden costs

Installation parallel to daily operation

Installation of TMOS SCADA does not require a Mark V firmware (PROM) upgrade or a gas turbine outage. All the functions previously performed on the old machine interfaces are available on the TMOS SCADAwith significant new features provided.

Several control systems displayed

TMOS SCADA is a direct replacement for existing Mark V <I> and <HMI> systems. One of its main features is, that it actively manages and regulates the transfer of instructions from all site devices (BOP, DCS, SCADA, Operator Stations) to the Mark V.

History as a database for your analysis

TMOS SCADA‘s Historian can record any signals in its database at an exceptionally high sampling rate.
The recordings are stored lossless and safely over a long period of time.
For evaluations, the data can be retrieved directly with an unusually short access time.

Limitlessly extendable for your requirements

You will be surprised to discover how many things TMOS SCADAis able to do! One single product – easy to handle, limitlessly extendable and nearly unlimited customizable.
By default, many extensions are included in the default installation.

Basic Functions

In addition to the TMOS highlights, TMOS naturally offers all the functions of a modern operator and monitoring system. The following list is only an overview of the basic functions and is by far not all the features. Through further development and improvements suggested by our customers, new features are constantly being added. These new features can exactly meet your requirements, but might not be mentioned here. Therefore, we recommend that you contact our sales and marketing department and setup a presentation.

Settings & Configuration

  • Multilingual for world wide application
  • Clear administration of all configuration parameters
  • No hidden configuration menus – full access!
  • Simple and safe user administration
  • Extensive assignment of user rights
  • Time synchronization with SNTP, radio, or GPS signal
  • Freely definable scaling by single-operation and/or Client/Server
  • Multiple redundant applications of TMOS possible Operating and Monitoring
  • User dependent arrangement of displays
  • Freely definable organization of displays
  • 1 to 1 usage of original displays possible
  • Common formats for pictures/videos can be inserted into displays
  • Safety “two key” operation possible
  • Access to all inputs, outputs, data blocks, and variables
  • Built-in freely definable diagrams in displays
  • Switchable between two identification systems (ANSI, KKS)
  • Switchable between two types of scaling (Metric, English)
  • Printing and saving of all displays
  • Clear alarm routines
  • Many colors for alarms from different PLCs available
  • Extensive search functions for the alarm lists
  • Freely definable sound for audible alarms
  • Background help text for alarm signals
  • Direct link between alarm and logic diagram

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