Hybrid Solar App.

Royalstar are constantly striving and innovating to bring you lighting products and solutions that can efficiently transform the sun’s energy into reliable power to increase performance and utilize natural energy. Select through our range of solar powered luminaires for your indoor as well as outdoor lighting and energy requirements. The solar energy breakthrough technology delivers a hassle-free, environmentally friendly way to lit up huge spaces with meagre costs or maintenance charges. We assist you to drive away darkness by harnessing the natural energy in the sun for high quality ecological illumination.


In combination applications, the system incorporates features and functionalities of both our off-grid and grid-tied technology, automatically adjusting power and reactive power references with grid support if frequency or voltage drops, or rotating the genset to automatically ensure the most fuel-optimized running mode through various load demands.

Supporting fuel-saving in grid-tied operations, all gensets can be stopped to maximize the penetration from sustainable sources. Automatic changeovers between grid-tied and off-grid in case of mains failure are possible, even during operation. The system is available both as a Power Management solution for systems multiple sustainable power sources, or as a stand-alone solution for retrofits or existing plants.

Power management solution

  • ASC-4 applicable with AGC-4/AGC 200 controls up to 32 gensets/utilities
  • ASC PM applicable with AGC PM controls up to 32 gensets/utilities
  • Applications up to 8 sustainable power plants
  • Minimum genset load for optimal performance
  • Spinning reserve to ensure uptime
  • Maximize sustainable power penetration in all operation modes

Stand-alone solution

  • Applicable with all genset controls for up to 16 gensets
  • Maximum 1 utility
  • Maximum 1 sustainable power plant
  • Minimum genset load for optimal performance
  • MIC/MIB for detection of genset/mains production