REFUsol 100K

Maximized in every aspect

  • Highly flexible design
  • Maximum power density
  • Best serviceability
  • Minimized BOS costs

With maximum power density, REFU’s next generation inverter family combines compatibility, installation flexibility, serviceability and connectivity in a revolutionary design.


Use as desired, maximum ROI

Regardless of whether you plan the inverters in centralized or decentralized fashion, the REFUsol 100K is optimized for both variants. The roomy ConnectionBox is available with either fused direct string connections for decentralized designs or with a single DC input for centralized designs.


ConnectionBox for decentralized plants


ConnectionBox for centralized plants

The ConnectionBox and the PowerUnit can be delivered independently of each other in separate shipments. The ConnectionBox is first installed and wired, while the PowerUnit is added shortly before commissioning. This optimizes your finances since the investment can be distributed and minimizes risks.


Install and wire ConnectionBox


Hang in PowerUnit shortly before commissioning.



Global use, full control

The REFUsol 100K can be connected to any mains voltage between 380 and 460 VAC and offers maximum power between 83 and 100 kVA. All technical data for the different AC output voltages can be found in our technical data sheet.

The inverter can be commissioned via various means including our new REFU App (available for iOS and Android), which connects to the inverter via Bluetooth®. The integrated, fail-safe Ethernet daisy chain (alternatively RS485) enables cost-effective high-speed monitoring without special accessories. Each inverter can be connected to REFUlog for professional remote monitoring, configuration and firmware updates.

Important data at a glance

REFUsol 83K (380VAC) REFUsol 88K (400VAC) REFUsol 92K (415VAC) REFUsol 98K (440VAC) REFUsol 100K (460VAC)
Max. DC voltage (V) 1,100 1,100 1,100 1,100 1,100
MPPT range at nominal power (V) 555…900 585…900 640…900 640…900 695…900
AC nominal power (kW) 83.3 88 92 97.5 100
AC nominal voltage (V) 380 400 415 440 460
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