REFUsol 24K/48K-UL

The proven products for the US market.

  • Lightweight and compact
  • Natural convection cooling
  • SunSpec compliant

Based on the line of innovative and efficient REFUsol 08 … 23K and REFUsol 40/46K inverters, we developed our REFUsol 24K-UL and REFUsol 48K-UL solar inverter specifically for the American market.


Optimally designed with full freedom

Our 24K-UL device is perfectly tailored to the requirements of the American market. Not only with regard to performance, but also with regard to the SunSpecMODBUS protocol, AFCI safety function and of course the approval according to UL 1741 specifications by Intertek.

The REFUsol inverters with their high-precision MPP tracker and central string input give the system planner all the freedom he needs. The modular design of the device makes it compatible to be located both near the module strings and grouped around the medium-voltage transformer.

Placing the solar inverters close to the transformer stations offers several advantages: In addition to the lower specific losses on the DC side, Ethernet cabling for monitoring is also considerably simplified. Only the string connection boxes need to be installed in the field.


Important data at a glance


REFUsol 24K-UL REFUsol 48K-UL
Max. DC voltage (V) 1,000 1, 000
MPPT range at nominal power (V) 570…890 580…850
AC nominal power (kW) 24 48
AC nominal voltage (V) 480 480
CEC efficiency (%) 98 98
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