Royal Power Cloud (RPC)

Royal Power Cloud (RPC)

  • Backup emergency power doesn’t get to take time off. It needs to be ready at a moment’s notice and run for days — even weeks — without interruptions. Downtime means lost revenue or added operational costs.
  • So you need to be able to regularly monitor the status of your backup power and be aware of issues as soon as possible, whether on-site or remotely.
  • What if you could not only monitor your system’s status, but also receive critical notifications before issues occur and control it from anywhere at any time?
  • With Royalstar Power Generation’s Royal Power Cloud service, now you can.



24/7, 365

Royal Power Cloud brings together a flexible remote monitoring system, cloud-based data storage and transfer, and convenient, 24/7 access to your backup emergency power generator sets through easily accessible apps. With stored data about the system and device, such as:
Active or inactive states and parameters, you can avoid service calls because your service provider can remotely solve simple problems.

Additionally, it provides the abilities to:
–Remotely start and stop the generator
–Reset and acknowledge faults
If you can do it on-site, chances are, with Royal Power Cloud, you can do it remotely. The robust cloud-based data storage and transfer capability coupled with user-friendly mobile and web apps provide remote access to this information at a moment’s notice and give you the freedom to immediately make decisions related to the operating state of your generators. The apps send real-time notifications and warnings related to the generator, alternator and sensor. With a few taps and clicks, anyone who has access permissions can stop, reset or restart the generator if necessary.


Backed by Royalstar

The entire suite of Royalstar Royal Power Cloud services includes:
With it, you’ll have the peace of mind that your data and operations are safe and private on a trusted, secure platform that adheres to regional privacy laws. With Royal Power Cloud, you can rest assured your emergency backup power will be operation-ready when you need it, and your data is available whenever, wherever, thanks to our leading-edge cloud services. Visit or contact your local Royalstar office today to learn more about how Royal Power Cloud services can keep you connected to your emergency power anytime, anywhere.