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Royalstar , is dedicated in providing integrated solutions such in power control solution of the following field: land, marine ,solar, hydro, wind , ESS, for diesel ,Gas, biogas ,hydro, solar system and gas turbine plant , IPP power plants, micro grid .
We have extensive experience to support our client and partner with DEIF solution as official dealer in TURKEY AND IRAQ

Our Services

Some of Our Professional Works..

Diesel Generator Synchronization

Royalstar Energy Systems has carried out various projects regarding the synchronization of multi diesel generators with multi grid with soft transfer without interrupted also integrated with PV ,ESS ( solar , emergency storage system) data center applications with redundant ( hot standby ) with secure high quality power management

Solar Hybrid Solution (Micro Grid)

Deif solar controller get Maximum benefits for hybrid Micro Grid, with full power management of all parties ( Grid, Diesel Generator , PV system, ESS ) to insure start/stop of generator with min. load on generators ,save fuel ,prevent PV system stop when grid off, also make zero export to main ,peaking ..Others, see more in deif solar product

Marine Control Systems

Royalstar offer high quality marine solution for yacht and ship, with deif synchronizations’ system include power management, plus hybridization with ESS by new product PPM300, AC and DC bus-bar

Gas Turbine Control and Instruments

In general, Royalstar supplying a complete package of their gas turbine generator including all field instruments, fire & gas detectors, and a dedicated PLC for the GTG control & safety system.


Some of our projects..

  • Suleymaniyah Qiwan City
  • Family Mall Erbil
  • Petronas Malaysia
  • Telekom Company
  • Telekom Company

Some of the other projects we have been running and involved in.

The Right Power Solution
Stable Green Energy
The Right Address

Royalstar Energy Systems

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