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Large Power Transformer

Bringing the energy safely to the consumer: A basic requirement applicable to all Power Transformers. However, every single one is unique – designed according to individual factors such as voltage, power, climate, system topography, sound level and many more. Siemens is your partner, who picks up these requirements converting them into convincing solutions with maximum quality. Power Transformers that render their service reliably at site. Cost-efficient and safe throughout decades.


In the power range above 200 MVA, generator and network intertie transformers with off-load or on-load tap changers, or a combination of both, are recommended. Depending on the onsite requirements, they can be designed as multiwinding Power Transformer or autotransformers, in 3-phase or 1-phase versions. Even with ratings of more than 1,000 MVA and voltages up to 765 kV (800 kV), the feasibility limits have not yet been reached. We manufacture these Power Transformer units according to IEC 60076 as well as other international and national standards (e.g., ANSI/IEEE).


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