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Mark VI


The SPEEDTRONIC™ Mark VI turbine control is the current state-of-the-art control for gas turbines. It is designed as a complete integrated control, protection, and monitoring system for generator and mechanical drive applications of gas and steam turbines. It is also an ideal platform for integrating all power island and balance-of-plant controls. Hardware and software are designed with close coordination between gas turbine design engineering and controls engineering to insure that your control system provides the optimum turbine performance and you receive a true “system” solution.


Mark VI


Our Spare Parts and Services Include:


  • In-House Repair Services
  • State-of-the-Art, Automated Test Equipment
    • For Fast and Complete Component-Level Troubleshooting
  • Functional Testing
    • Carried Out in Energized Panels for Added Reliability
  • Standardized Completion Report Describing Problems Found and Disposition
    • Issued with Every Repair
  • Testing and Certification on Spares

Field Services

  • Troubleshooting
  • Commissioning
  • Control Upgrades
  • Health Check
    • Alarm Clearing
    • Control Constants Check
    • DC Power Supply Health Check
    • File Clearing
    • Battery Health Check
    • Cleanliness/Cooling
    • Junction Box and Terminal Tightness Check
    • Long Standing Issue Resolution
    • Sequencing Modifications
    • Full Report


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