Solar PV Scada

Build your solution from a rich set of functions

Utilized for various applications in, and around Solar PV facilities:

  • Solar PV SCADA:İntegrates all assets, such as panels, trackers, combiner boxes, inverters or weather stations. System access may be dynamically granted to various stakeholders on local, regional or global level.
  • Integration of auxiliary assets, such as switchyards or electrical substations
  • Reporting and Advanced Analytics for continuous process optimization
  • Integration of higher level systems, such as microgrids, virtual powerplants or power data services and exchange with grid service operators


Central plant management XXL
Our monitoring solution can be applied to the hardware from any plant, and it processes large quantities of data with ease. This makes it ideal for the management of a wide variety, or large-scale solar parks.

Our SCADA monitoring system has a proven five-year track record. Over 30 projects around the globe, with a total output of more than 150 megawatts are professionally monitored and controlled via the SCADA system.

A variety of data loggers and sensors can be easily integrated into the SCADA system, which collects yield and performance data from plants and performs central analysis.

The data can be accessed from any web browser, anywhere in the world.

Certified partner of FlowChief
As a certified partner of the process control technology specialists FlowChief, our software solutions uphold a cross-sector industry standard which offers us and our clients maximum flexibility and security.

Solaranlage - Zebotec

Key elements of the monitoring system

We supply customized system solutions based on a modular principle – for monitoring individual installations and entire power plant portfolios.

Data processing and long-term archiving
The plant data are reliably processed and then stored in a database for a predefined timespan. The system can process even several hundred gigabytes of data with ease, and we can also satisfy requirements for increased data protection and availability.

Multilingual user management
The zebotec SCADA system allows the administration of users and user groups. Each user can be granted access rights for individual installations or groups of installations. The basic system includes English and German language versions, and can be extended to any language required.

Personalized visualisation and diagram generator
The live and archived data from a PV power plant can be called up via any standard browser and graphically displayed. The software comes in your company’s corporate design, and can be adapted to suit each user’s own requirements.

The management dashboard displays the system data alongside a map of the installation. A diagram generator assists with the evaluation, enabling a system-wide graphic analysis of all process data.

Alarm management system
Different alarm levels draw attention to operational errors from the grid feed-in point right up to string monitoring. The alarm notification can be sent out via email, text message or telephone call. The plant operator specifies the limit values. An archive overview displays all the alarms system-wide.

Automated ticket system
All plant management processes can be planned and monitored via the service manager with its automated ticket system. Data sheets, circuit diagrams and other documents are easily integrated into every ticket – which saves the installation engineer time and costs in the field. The plant log catalogues all actions taken to date and is useful for other evaluations.

Report generator
The content and design of reports can be adjusted to suit your individual requirements. A report generator is also available in addition to standard reports.

SCADA-Schema - Zebotec
  • Features and Key Benefits:

    • Solar String Heatmap
    • Realtime KPIs and Dashboards
    • Inverter/Tracker/Met-Station detailed views
    • Vendor Independent Device Connectivity (e.g. Sunspec MODBUS)
    • Alarm Management
    • Sequence of Event Tracking (SoE)
    • Integrated Historian for long term data archives
    • Dynamic Analytics and Reporting
    • Seamless Process Server Redundancy
    • Programmable Soft Logic (IEC 61131-3)
    • Mobile Event Notification (E-Mail, SMS, VoIP)
    • Role based Access Control
    • Secure Remote Access
    • IoT gateway for cloud integration
    • Web Visualization Service (HTML5)