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Conext CL-60A String Inverter

The ideal solution for decentralized power plants and large commercial buildings

Turn a rooftop or unused land into a profitable source of green, renewable energy, with the Conext™ CL-60 String Inverter. With the capability of sustaining a maximum output of 63.4 kW power, CL-60 is Schneider Electric’s most powerful and efficient string inverter.

Along with Schneider Electric’s rigorous reliability procedures, Conext CL-60 is durable and designed for long-term reliability. With an industry-leading maximum efficiency of 98.9%, it reduces your operating costs and your Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE). For commercial properties or decentralized utilities seeking a solar solution that generates the maximum power, easy and quick services, while promoting grid stability—the Conext CL-60 is the smart business choice.




Why choose Conext CL-60A String Inverter

Higher return on investment

  • Integrated wiring box reduces your CAPEX
  • String monitoring included
  • 98.7% maximum efficiency

Designed for reliability

  • Robust design through rigorous reliability procedures
  • Design and qualified for applications in tropical environments

Ease of installation and service

  • Pre-wired PV quick connectors
  • Zero tilt for flat mounting

Solution to support grid connectivity

  • Broad range of Schneider Electric MV products for a complete solution
  • Embedded grid management features


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