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FITformer REG

Our power supply system is gradually changing: Renewable energy brings about higher complexity in the system. Decreases in load, their power feed-in and the storage capability sometimes fluctuate considerably. The solution is to modify the network infrastructure: the system of the future must be efficient, effective and therefore flexible. The Siemens Regulated Distribution Transformer FITformer® REG can change its voltage ratio under load. This helps the power supplier to remain within the admissible voltage range. For this purpose the transformer disposes of a three-step low voltage load regulator.


Advantages at a glance

  • Range of ratings up to 630 kVA; highest voltage for equipment: 36 kV
  • Low-voltage load regulation range in three steps
  • Operational characteristics and dimensions correspond to those of common distribution transformers
  • Additional setting range on the high-voltage side for optimum operation


The voltage in the network can vary substantially, due to changes in the operating conditions. For instance the voltage in high load conditions with no decentralized feed-in is very different from that in low load conditions with maximally decentralized feed-in. While with a higher feed-in the voltages are notably higher, they are reduced in high load conditions.

The challenge for network operators lies in the maximum voltage difference between high load conditions and low load conditions in a node, for example in Photovoltaics

The FITformer® REG distribution transformer in this case regulates the voltage in the feed-in nodes, up or down, and therefore reduces the voltage difference

Medium-voltage and low-voltage systems change due to the increasing integration of decentralized renewable power supplies and the emerging electromobility trend in the public transport sector.
While the increasing need for load capacity can be provided by means of system expansion, the effects due to alternating direction of power flow, load fluctuations and voltage range limitation can only be handled with intelligent solutions.

Intelligent transformer substations from Siemens offer the optimum solution concept:

  • Compact, communicative medium-voltage switchgear
  • Distribution transformer, regulated on the low voltage side
  • Integrated telecontrol and automation solution


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