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GEAFOL Cast Resin Transformers

GEAFOL Cast-Resin Transformers have been in successful service since 1965. Many licenses have been granted to major manufacturers throughout the world since then. Over 100,000 units have proven themselves in power distribution or converter operation all around the globe.



Rated power of Cast-Resin (dry-type) Transformers GEAFOL:

50 kVA to over 40,000 kVA (cooling system AN, AF, AFWF)

Rated voltage:

Up to 52 kV


Distribution Transformers, Power Transformers, Transformers for static converters (drives)

Advantages / characteristics of Cast-Resin (dry-type) Transformers GEAFOL:

Highest reliability, free of partial discharge up to twice the rated voltage. Moisture resistant. Low noise level. High efficiency, high mechanical strength, small size. Flexible connection, high overload capability. Environmentally friendly recyclable. Designs for high and low ambient temperatures (+/- 60°C).

GEAFOL Cast-Resin Transformers fulfill the highest defined environmental, climatic and fire behavior classes E2, C2 and F1.

GEAFOL with On-Load Tap-Changers

The voltage-regulating Cast-Resin Transformers connected on the load side of the medium-voltage power supply system feed the plant-side distribution transformers. The on-load tap-changer controlled transformers used in these medium-voltage systems need to have appropriately high ratings.

Rated power: up to 50 MVA

Rated voltage: up to 36 kV

Application: modern industrial plants, hospitals, test laboratories, shopping centers, skyscrapers and powerhouses.

Transformers for Static Converters

These are special liquid immersed or GEAFOL Cast-Resin Transformers that are designed for the special demands of static converter operation.

Rated power: up to over 40 MVA

Rated voltage: up to 52 kV

Neutral Earthling Transformers

When a neutral earthling reactor or earth-fault neutralizer is required in a 3-phase system and no suitable neutral is available, a neutral earthling must be provided by using a neutral earthling transformer.

Neutral earthling transformers are available for continuous operation or short-time operation. The zero impedance is normally low. They can be designed as liquid-filled or GEAFOL Cast-Restin Transformers


Rated power: all common power ratings availa


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