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Liquid Immersed Distribution Transformers FITformer

Distribution Transformers are used to convert electrical energy of higher voltage; usually up to 36 kV, to a lower voltage, usually 250 or 435 V, with an identical frequency before and after the transformation.

Rated power of Liquid-immersed Distribution Transformers:

50 to 2,500 kVA normal distribution application / 2,500 to 6,300 kVA for special industrial application


Rated voltage:

HV side: 6,000 to 33,000 V; LV side: 200 to 1,000 V

Other types of Liquid-immersed Distribution Transformers:

  • Single-phase pole-mounted / pad-mounted Distribution Transformers 10-250 kVA
  • Three-phase pad-mounted distribution transformers 300-3,000 kVA
  • Submersible Distribution Transformers 25-500 kVA (single-phase); 100-1,000 kVA (3-phase)
  • Step-down-transformers: up to 500 kVA (single-phase)

suburban areas, public supply authorities and industrial customers

Advantages / characteristics:

environmentally friendly design with MIDEL®-filling, free of maintenance (Tumetic design), low losses, low noise, long operation life time


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